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First, I would like to thank you for visiting my site. This site is intended for adults(librarians, teachers, parents, editors, writers and artists)not children. If you like the free versions of the books, simply download them to your pc/usb stick and share them.

About Dreamworlds Beyond Time Thanks For Visiting Dreamworlds Beyond Time, Co., a corporation started on Nevis & St.Kitts.  The publishing  industry is in an exciting period of change!  I, Mr. Benrali, say exciting because so many new voices are getting a chance to be heard, when lets say 15 years ago this was unthinkable.  I myself am also in a state of change as a writer, artist and creative man since the entire field of communications is changing every second!  On this website you will find some beautiful, eclectic books and gifts but with the new technology I see that I can now offer 3D gifts and DVDS etc…so who knows what I will have available here in the near future?

At this time in my life, I find myself (mentally)leaving the juvenile/young adult field and venturing into the fine arts or various adult genres. This is the reason the styles, moods vary on my site and portfolio from fun and whimsical to surreal, macabre and even mystical. I also have a cultural and travel section which many readers enjoy.

As for the books, many librarians, teachers and unique book enthusiasts have enjoyed having my books as part of their diverse collection. Whether its the free online version or the hardcover version I hope you enjoy your visit to Dreamworlds Beyond Time and will come again.

Benralis Bejeweled Peacock Etching**As for the pink...it is just a theme inspired by the lotus and the pink city of Jaipur in India, the last theme were peacocks. Dont worry...the theme will change again.







A Watercolor Painting Of A Peacock benrali Did When He was in Vancouver, 2012

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